Instructions to Reviewers

Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers’ Conflicts of Interest

Reviewers should not review manuscripts that include authors from their own institution or with whom they have collaborated within the previous five years. If the reviewer and the authors might be considered competitors, then the reviewer is responsible to disclose these details to the Editor.

Reviewers’ Confidentiality

Reviewers shall not discuss, write about, disseminate or otherwise use any information from a manuscript that they have received to review, until the paper has appeared in print. Reviewers have the responsibility to remain anonymous to the authors and shall not contact the authors directly, unless prior agreement has been given by the Editor.

Timely Responses

Reviewers have the responsibility, upon accepting a manuscript, to return their review within the requested time. All Reviewers are given 30 days to complete a review and 10 days to complete a re-review.

Conditionally Accepting to Review

Reviewers who need additional time to review or have special terms should conditionally accept to review through the submission site. The Journal staff will evaluate your conditions and determine if the conditions are acceptable.

Instructions for Online Manuscript Review

1.      You will first receive an email from the Journal Editorial Board asking you to review a paper.

2.      The e-mail will contain a link to the abstract of the paper to be reviewed, along with links to either accept or decline the request to review.

3.      To decline the review request click the decline link

4.      To accept to the review request click the accept link

5.      After accepting, the paper you will receive the complete paper.