The Egyptian Journal of Biophysics welcome original unpublished manuscripts (English Languish only) in the theoretical or applied fields of Biophysics & Medical and Health Physics.




Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate to the editorial office (one original and two copies u which include photocopies of all Tables and Figures). A set of original. Camera ready art (laser prints. professionally. reinked and lettered araphs. or flosses) must be supplied with each submittal The submission should also contain the full text of the paper on a WordPerfect Data Disk (Windows 98 Word 7. or IBM compatible). Dot matrix art not acceptable Editor. Submission of a paper implies that it has the approval of all named Authors that it represents unpublished work and that if accepted for the Egyptian Journal of Biophysics. It will not be published elsewhere. Authors are required to as since copyright to the publisher. The appropriate form will be sent with the final proof.




1-   Manuscripts must be double-spaced and type written on one side of 210x297-mm paper with pages numbered consecutively. Margins along left-right edges should be at least 35 mm. and that alone upper-lower be 48 mm. including all graphs and photographs. Typewriting should be in times font style size


2-   The title should be concise but informative. The names of the authors (indicated by the symbol *  the corresponding author). The address of the institutions where the work was carried out and up to five key words for indexing should appear on the first page.


3-   An abstract of about 250 words, should be as informative as possible for abstract in journals.


4-    Avoid end of line hyphenations to prevent typesetting confusion.


5-    The text, comprising a) Introduction. b) Experimental (Materials and Methods), c) Theory (if required). d) Results. e) Discussions (which may be combined with Results). f) Acknowledgements


6-    Reference should be cited as cited in the text e.g. (North l990) for one author, (North and Dodd, l990) for two authors and (North et al. 1990) for three or more authors. References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. The reference list should include only journal article books, technical reports, cataloged theses and dissertations, patents, maps, recordings etc., Articles accepted for publication, but not published may be included in the reference list as "in press".




The style to be used for Journal papers, books and articles is shown:


Barendsen. G. W. (1967) Mechanism of action of different ionizing radiation on the proliferativc capacity of mammalian cells: In: Cole; ed. Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, New York: Marcel Dekker: Commission on Radiation units and measurements. (1983), Microdosimetry Bethesda. MD: ICRU Report 40.


Units, Abbreviations, footnote:


*    The International system of units (SI) must be used.

*    Nuclide mass numbers must appear at the upper left of the element symbols e.g. 252 Cf.

*    The first time an uncommon abbreviation appears, it must be preceded by the full name which it stands.

*    Spell out numbers unless they precede a unit.

*    Do not use "E-notations", use power of 10 in text and all art ER. 3.25x107 rather than 3.25 E7.

*    Use CBE style (Council of Biology Editor), for Footnote symbols throughout the entire text

(i.e.*, , , **, , ║, q, #,  etc.).


Tables and Figures:


*    Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic number and their approximate positions should be marked in the left margin of the main text.

*    One clears (no gray tones), high-quality, Camera ready (laser print, glossier, professionally reinked and lettered graphs and tracings) version of each table and figure must be provided with each submission. Dot matrix art and carbon copies will not be accepted. Do not include captions on actual tables and figures. Captions must fully describe each piece of art without duplicating the text.

*    Art must be labeled on the back in pencil with Arabic numbers, proper direction, first author's name and the manuscript number, it known.

*    Each Table and Figure must be provided on a separate sheet of paper following the reference section. Never imbed Tables and Figures in text.


Revision of Manuscripts:


*    Revised manuscripts returned within one month, from authors will receive priority-handling statue by the Editorial office staff and associate editor.

*    Either incorporate the reviewers and associate editor's comments into text and art, or rebut them on a point by basis in the cover letter.

*    Complete and return the transfer of copyright agreement.

*    Return the original manuscript marked by the reviewers and associate editors.


Author responsibility and Acknowledgment:


Authors are responsible for entire content of their manuscript including text, Tables, Figures and reference. Authors must also be certain that version, has not been or will not be published elsewhere.