Egyptian Journal of Biophysics

Aims and Scope:

The policy of the journal is to publish original papers in the field of Biophysics.where biophysics is defined as the study of biological phenomena by using physical methods and concepts. The main goal of this journal is to advance the understanding of biological structure and function through the application of principles of physical science and by presenting the work in a biological context. The criteria for acceptance of a paper to be published in the journal are scientific content, originally and relevant to biological systems of current interest and importance.


The Journal will publish articles dealing with:

Molecular Structure and Interactions (including diffraction and scattering of light, X-rays, electronics and neutrons, dielectric relaxation, optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopy and dynamics of macromolecular structure and interaction).

 Membrane Biophysics, (structure and dynamics of biological membrane and membrane surface, transport mechanisms, membrane interaction, intracellular communication and model membrane systems).

 Medical and Health Physics (nuclear medicine, radiation planning, development of dose measurements, interactions of ionizing and nonionizing radiation with biological systems and biomaterials) and Theoretical Biophysics.

All papers will be published in English. The journal will not publish preliminary notes. The manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate to the chief editor.