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The Egyptian Biophysical Society was chosen to be an endorsed sponsor for the 6th International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research in CANADA-2015



The Egyptian Biophysics Society


The Egyptian Biophysical Society (EBS) was officially established in 1985 by 30 founder members with its main office at the Biophysics Department, Faculty of Science Cairo University. The main objective of establishing the society was to gather Egyptian researchers in the fields of biophysics to exchange ideas and to encourage and help young biophysists graduated from the biophysics department at the Cairo University, which was the only department graduating biophysists in all Egyptian, Arab and African universities at that time, in doing research work. Prof. Dr Fadel M. Ali, the head and founder of the biophysics department, Faculty of science, Cairo university, was chosen to be the president of the EBS.

The EBS succeeded in implanting scientific interests in the fields of biophysics at the different research centers and universities in Egypt whose feedback resulted in establishing new jobs and new research activities for young biophysists.

The EBS expanded its activities to all Arab, African and Middle East countries through organizing 13 successful international and national conferences in the fields of biophysics, starting with the First Egyptian-British symposium of radiation protection, held at the Cairo University in November 1985 till the Third International conference of Biophysics, October 2003, Cairo, Egypt. Scientists from almost the whole world participated these conferences and part of them gave planary lectures. It was a good and usefl chance for young biophysists to communicate with other colleagues from abroad and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas during these conferences.

In 1994, the first issue of the Egyptian Journal of Biophysics was published which is the official Journal of the Egyptian Biophysical Soc. Since that time the journal appears in two volumes every year.

In the year 1987, Prof Dr Fadel, president of the EBS, applied for membership of the society to the European Biophysical Society Association (EBSA) to conduct experience and scientific knowledge from European countries to Egypt and hence to Arab, Middle East and North and Middle African countries. In the year 1990 the Egyptian Biophysical Soc. was a member of EBSA during the Biophysics congress and EBSA meetings held in Vancouver (Canada). Prof. Fadel represented Egypt in the EBSA meeting and in the General assembly meeting of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB). Since that time the communication between the EBS and societies members of EBSA is growing.